Wire Mesh Screens In Various Profiles

At Siriram Filteration, we have deployed a top-quality press shop, calendaring machines, tool room and one of the widest range of moulds to offer a wide range of wire mesh screens in a wide range of mesh sizes, woven in-house by Siriram on our state-of-the-art wire mesh weaving units. We offer our buyers quality screens with perfect & defect free cutting edges, sizes and profiles. We employ spot welding machines to offer our buyers spot welded, multi-layer mesh screens as per requirements

Our in-house Tool Room facilities help in developing cutting tools in short span of time.

SS Wire Mesh Screen
Multilayer Spot Welded Screen
wire mesh screens


We manufacture screens in all shapes and sizes.
wire mesh manufacturer


We can manufacture screens of any and every shape and size as per the requirements of the customer. We have a huge manufacturing capacity to fulfil orders on time.

Top quality wire mesh