Wire Mesh Screens Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Siriram Filters, a distinguished Wire Mesh screens Manufacturer & Supplier in India, is committed to providing high-quality filtration solutions. Our screens boast of flawless cutting edges, precise sizes and impeccable profiles, that are customized using advanced spot welding machines to meet specific buyer requirements. With in-house Tool Room facilities for swift cutting tool development, our comprehensive range of wire mesh screens serves as the cornerstone of filtration that caters to diverse industry needs for optimal efficiency.

Our in-house Tool Room facilities help in developing cutting tools in short span of time.

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We manufacture screens in all shapes and sizes.
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Focusing on the importance of wire mesh screens in filtering, we can manufacture screens of any and every shape and size as per the requirements of the customer. We have a huge manufacturing capacity to fulfill orders on time.

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A Spectrum of Wire Mesh Screen Types

Siriram Filters offers a diverse range of wire mesh screens, encompassing various types and profiles to cater to specific application requirements like Multilayer Spot Welded screens and wire mesh demister pads which are manufactured by very few industries. Our Wire mesh screens product portfolio includes of-

Spot welded screens

Spot Welded Screens feature strong spot welds at wire intersections that provide exceptional strength and durability.

SS wire mesh screens

Manufactured using high-grade Stainless Steel, SS wire mesh screens are known for their exceptional corrosion resistance.

Multilayer spot welded screens

Multilayer spot welded screens, with their secure spot-welded structure, offer heightened filtration efficiency, that helps in withstanding high-pressure and high-temperature conditions effectively.

Versatility of Wire Mesh Screens

At Siriram Filters, we understand the crucial role wire mesh screens play in various filtration processes such as

Solid-liquid separation

Wire mesh screens are utilized to effectively separate solids from liquids.

Gas-liquid separation

Our wire mesh screens efficiently remove liquid droplets from gas streams, thereby, preventing contamination.

Air filtration

Wire mesh screens serve as effective air filters that capture dust particles and other airborne contaminants.

Trusted Partner in Wire Mesh Screen Solutions

Siriram Filters has established itself as an eminent manufacturer & supplier of SS Wire Mesh screens in India. The unwavering commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in our :

Advanced manufacturing facilities

We have employed cutting-edge machinery and advanced techniques to produce high-precision wire mesh screens.

Stringent quality control measures

Our rigorous quality control checks ensure that every wire mesh screen manufactured under our roof, meets the highest standards of quality.

Customer focus

We are dedicated to understanding our customer's specific needs and thereby, providing tailored wire mesh screen solutions to meet their requirements.

Industrial Applications of Wire Mesh Screens


Wire mesh screens help maintain purity levels at pharmaceutical production by meticulously removing impurities from medicines and drugs.

Food Processing

Wire mesh screens are integral in the food processing industry, as they serve purposes from sieving flour to filtering liquids.

Textile Industry

The textile industry relies on wire mesh screens for its dyeing and printing processes. These screens guarantee uniform colour distribution and also help in effectively eliminating impurities from dyes.

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical sector leans on wire mesh screens for separating gases and liquids which takes place at varying levels in the refinement process.

Water Treatment

Treatment: The delivery of clean drinking water is a top priority and wire mesh screens play a significant role in water treatment plants as it aids in eliminating impurities from the water that is supplied to households.

Why Choose Wire Mesh Screens?

Wire mesh screens are meticulously manufactured to the exact standards, that ensure precise construction for optimal filtration efficiency.

Durability in Harsh Environments

Constructed from high-quality materials, wire mesh screens exhibit exceptional durability, by remaining resistant to wear and tear even in challenging conditions.

Sustainable and Versatile

Wire mesh screens are often crafted from recyclable materials and therefore, contribute to sustainable practices. Their customizable nature makes them versatile.

Experience the Siriram Filters Difference

Siriram Filters, a foremost Manufacturer & Supplier of SS Wire Mesh Screens in India, invites you to explore our comprehensive range of wire mesh screens and experience the difference that only, unparalleled quality and innovation can make. Our experts are readily available to assist you in selecting the most suitable wire mesh screen solutions for your specific application needs. Together, let's filter a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future, with Siriram Filters.