A gasket, also known as an O-ring or washer, seals the gap between two surfaces. At Siriram Filters we mould gaskets into strong shielding products so that you will never have to worry about problems like seepage of substances.

Many delighted repeat clients who were impressed by the quality and affordability we offer have received excellent gaskets from us.

Properties of a durable gasket

  • Optimal strength to withhold high pressure weight with ease.
  • Proper sealing between surfaces so as to avoid polymer leakages.
  • Materials used for the production of gaskets are of supreme quality to deliver a gasket of supreme nature.
  • Siriram can offer Sealing Gaskets in metals like Aluminium, Copper, Stainless steel as per buyers' requirment.
  • For precise products, Siriram employs latest CNC machining centers to offer precise micro tolerance machined gaskets that are accurate and of good quality.
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