Wire Mesh Pack Filters

Spin pack filters are essential to the textile industry's ability to manufacture products of the highest calibre, and at Siriram Filters, we never settle for anything less than the best. In order to construct a top-choice filter, we must seek raw materials from the best sources. Our spin pack filters are a reflection of the standards we think a leader should uphold.

As one of the pioneers in this business in India for the past 45 years, Siriram Filteration is today a name to be reckoned with. Among our satisfied clients are well-known manufacturers of man-made fibre and yarn across the world.

  • We offer one of the largest inventories of pack filter moulds, ranging in size from 20mm to 400mm. We have a huge production plant, which allows us to give customers faster delivery times.
  • We have a specially designed press shop with strict quality standards for increased outputs.
  • In order to provide a product free of contamination and filth, all of our pack filters are given an ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing treatment.
  • In-house Tool Room ensures accurate and precise dimensions.
  • We can offer pack filters in multiple binding materials like Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Stainless steel or as per buyers' requirement.
  • Siriram Filters is a pioneer in offering Precision Filtering solutions using high quality filtering media like non-woven sintered metal fibre for precise and ultra fine polymer melt fibre upto 5 microns.
Wire Mesh Pack Filters
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  • Polyester yarns
  • Polyester staple fibres
  • Polyester fibre from recycled PET
  • Nylon yarns
  • Polypropylene yarns
  • Industrial yarns
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