High Quality Wire Mesh Pack Filters

Pioneering the supply of wire mesh pack filters in India, Siriram Filters proudly stands as one of the leading Manufacturer & Supplier of high quality wire mesh pack filters, showcasing over 45 years of unwavering dedication to the textile industry. Renowned for producing exceptional grade filters, we take pride in delivering supreme quality spin pack filters, tailored to the unique needs of our clients, solidifying our position as a leading supplier in the textile industry.

  • We offer one of the largest inventories of pack filter moulds, ranging in size from 20mm to 400mm. We have a huge production plant, which allows us to give customers faster delivery times.
  • We have a specially designed press shop with strict quality standards for increased outputs.
  • In order to provide a product free of contamination and filth, all of our pack filters are given an ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing treatment.
  • In-house Tool Room ensures accurate and precise dimensions.
  • We can offer pack filters in multiple binding materials like Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Stainless steel or as per buyer's requirement.
  • Siriram Filters is a pioneer in offering Precision Filtering solutions using high quality filtering media like non-woven sintered metal fibre for precise and ultra fine polymer melt fibre upto 5 microns.
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Used of Pack Filter Materials

Polyester yarns

Known for their strength, versatility and wrinkle resistance, polyester yarns are commonly used in the textile industry for the production of apparels and home textile products.

Polyester staple fibers

Polyester staple fibers find their applications mainly in the manufacturing of non woven fabrics such as diapers and filling materials like cushions.

Polyester fiber from recycled PET

These fibers are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a material commonly used in plastic bottles and containers. Die set pack filters are crucial components that are utilized in the filtration process of polyester fiber from PET. These find applications in the production of sustainable apparels.

Nylon yarns

These yarns are known for their high strength, abrasion resistance and elastic properties. They are used in the manufacturing of automobile parts such as seatbelts and tire cords.

Polypropylene yarns

Polypropene yarns are lightweight products that are strong and resistant to chemicals. They are commonly used in the production of carpets and other disposable products like medical gowns and masks.

Industrial yarns

We offer a wide range of industrial yarns as per the specific needs of our customers. While most of our industrial yarns are utilized in the manufacturing of high performance textiles and composite clothing, they find applications in the role of electrical insulation as well.

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What are Wire Mesh Pack Filters?

Wire mesh pack filters, also known as Extruder Screens, are intricately woven and densely packed, fine meshed devices that serve as essential die set filters in the textile industry for producing premium man-made fibers such as polyester staple fiber. These filters are known for efficiently removing contaminants from the molten polymer, thereby, ensuring the production of high-quality fibers.

Benefits of Wire Mesh Pack Filters-

High efficiency

Wire mesh pack filters can remove a wide range of impurities that includes dust, dirt and unwanted fibers as well.


Wire mesh pack filters are manufactured using durable materials that are capable of withstanding harsh conditions.


Wire mesh pack filters are a cost-effective way to filter impurities.

Key Features of Our Spin Pack Filters

Wide Range in Sizes

We provide a diverse range of spin pack filters, that are available in sizes ranging from 20mm to 400mm, catering to the varied needs of our customers. By utilizing high-quality filtering media, such as non-woven sintered metal fiber, we ensure precise and ultra-fine polymer melt filtration up to 5 microns.

Stringent Quality Standards

Producing the best quality Die set pack filters is our foremost priority. To achieve increased outputs and at the same time to uphold our stringent quality standards, we have implemented various measures. This includes a meticulous quality check conducted in a specially designed press shop, a pivotal step in our multi-process quality assurance protocol.

Rigorous Ultrasonic Cleaning

To ensure the cleanliness and optimal performance of our filters, we subject them to a rigorous ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing process for producing contaminant free filters.

Precise Dimensions and Quick Delivery

Our in-house tool room guarantees precise dimensions and consistent performance of our filters, whereas, our state-of-the-art transport facility enables us to deliver filters quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Choice of Binding Materials

We offer a variety of binding materials for our spin pack filters, including aluminum, copper, nickel and stainless steel or any other material as per buyer's requirement.

Trusted Supplier & Manufacturer of Wire Mesh Pack Filters

Headquartered in Mumbai, we are the trusted supplier & manufacturer of wire mesh pack filters in India for the following reasons-

State-of-the-art manufacturing:

Our production plant is equipped with the latest machinery and technology.

Experienced Engineers

Our engineers have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing wire mesh pack filters.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products and we achieve it by subjecting our filters to rigorous quality control tests.

Based in Mumbai, Siriram Filters have been supplying wire mesh pack filters to the thriving textile industries of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. Additionally, Siriram Filters has a strong presence in other major textile hubs all across India, including Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur.