Industries We Serve

We serve customers across businesses in the following categories with dedication, speed and transparency, for supplying regular and customised modern filtration equipment for efficient separation of solid and liquid:

Industries We Serve - Siriram Filters
Petrochemicals industry


Pharmaceuticals Industries


Chemical industry


Oil & Gas Industries

Oil & Gas

Onshore and Offshore Drilling Industries

Onshore and Offshore Drilling

Pulp and Paper Industries

Pulp and Paper

Vegetable Refineries industry

Vegetable Refineries

Paints and Pigments industry

Paints and Pigments

Bulk Chemicals industry

Bulk Chemicals

Bulk Drugs industry

Bulk Drugs

Breweries industry


Beverages industry


Power Plants industry

Power Plants

Sugar Extraction industry

Sugar Extraction

Solvent Extraction industry

Solvent Extraction