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Siriram Filteration and Engineering Company

Siriram Filteration and Engineering company is a well-known business with roots in india.

Established in 1972, We are proud of all those who have given it their all to make Siriram Filters the brand it is today, an extremely trusted company offering client friendly prices and long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. A strong and employee-friendly manufacturing plant is at the heart of any successful business, and at Siriram, we leave no chance of failure unattended. we believe in outstanding customer service so that our clients get Value for money. Beginning with just weaving SS wire mesh, we have conquered specialized products such as CPF candle filters, spin pack filters, wire mesh extruder screens, and so on.

Polymer Filter Elements


To be a dominant player for Polymer Filter Elements in India and establish a strong global presence.

Filter Elements


To add value to our clients’ business by continuously tapping into new fields of Filter Elements using sintered media and mesh, in Refineries, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Hydraulics.

Why Choose Us?

We are registered with all the top industries and business houses in India due to our quality commitment, consistent supply and fair-trade practices.

We have close relationship with clients across India and abroad, because of our strong business ethics. Customers of all sizes and capacity are equal for us, and we have diversified production facilities from weaving wire mesh to complete fabrication of critical components like CPF candle filter.

Why Choose Us - Siriram Filters

Quality Control

At Siriram Filteration and Engineering Company, we lay great emphasis on quality control during both production and dispatch.

We procure all raw materials for our products only from authorised dealers and our experts confirm their physical and chemical composition before purchase. We’ve put strict qualitative measures in place at every step of the production process. Our motto is “quality products at affordable prices”.

Quality is what we are most importantly known for as a leader. The filter will only work if the artists behind it never compromise on the use of premier materials and machines. We are always on the look for latest innovation and ideas to create an unquestionably top-tier product. We have invested in quality control rooms so that no filter, big or small, leaves our warehouse without being free of impurities and reaching you in a perfect and satisfying manner.

Siriram Filteration and Engineering Company,