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Wire Cloth
Wire Cloth
  Wire Mesh & Wire Cloth
  What is Wire Mesh
Woven wire cloth basically consists of stainless steel wires crossing at right angles to form uniform square openings also known as aperture. This is done by weaving process of weaving horizontal wires (also known as weft wire) into longitudinal wires (also known as warp wire). During the weaving process both the wires criss cross and get crimped in the weaving process. By modifying weaving patterns and wires one can obtain square rectangular and triangular openings.  
  What is Wire Cloth used for
Thanks to its precision, woven wire cloth is perfectly suited for sieving, separating, grading, sifting, filtering, and screen- printing process. The selection of the optimum wire cloth for every purpose is assured by the manifold possibilities of combining the various types of weave and the disposition of the wires.

Application of S. S. Wire mesh
Stainless steel wire mesh is widely used for filtration/ separation in industries like chemical, metallic powders, minerals, dyes & pigments, fertilizers, ceramic ind., paints, filter elements, inks, food process industry

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