Our Products

We are one of India’s leading manufacturers of Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh from 4 mesh to 10 microns in Filtration Accessories.

About Us

Pioneers in manufacturing SS Wire Mesh

Catering to the Filteration Industry for 50 years

Established in 1972, we are the leading manufacturers of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Filter Elements. We are the pioneers of manufacturing pack filters for the polymer industry.

The Manufacturing units are located in Tarapur MIDC area 100kms up north from Mumbai. The manufacturing area is spread over several thousand square feet and employs people with diverse skills to manufacture best-in-class products.


Our Unique Strengths

Dominant player in the market since 1972

Tremendous goodwill with end users across all industries

Wide product ranges from SS Wire Mesh to Fabricated Items

State-of-the-art facilities including Plant & Machinery

Heading for domination in local CPF Candle Filters market

Integrated product range ensures low operating cost

Advantage of selling both high-end and low-end products to same buyer

Offering same technical expertise to both end products

Low operating cost due to controlled manpower cost and integrated products

World class products at local prices

Location makes us competitive in overseas markets like South East Asia

Dominant player in the market since 1972

State-of-the-art facilities including Plant & Machinery

More than 60% national market share of pack consumables

Industries We Serve

We serve clients across these businesses for efficient separation of solid and liquid through filtration with dedication, speed and transparency.